Answers To The Top 10 Concerns I Hear From Hashimoto’s Patients Every Day

So you have been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s – or think you may have it. You have read all sorts of websites, blogs, and Facebook posts. You have seen all sorts of conflicting information. You are becoming more stressed and angry as you read all that this may mean AND you are scared spitless and don’t know where to turn or what to believe.

I want to help alleviate some of that fear and stress by addressing the top 10 concerns I hear from Hashimoto’s patients almost every day.

#1 – No, you are NOT crazy nor are you losing your mind.

Brain fog and forgetfulness come with Hashimoto’s. Anxiety and depression are also very common. Chronic stress which most of us feel every day added to the stress felt by the body with Hashimoto’s causes are adrenal glands to become dysfunctional which can lead to the feeling of being crazy the mental systems can be greatly improved once adrenal function goes back to normal.

#2 – No, this is not all in your head!

It is easy to start feeling like you’re the crazy one when you are told by family friends and medical professionals that your thyroid levels are fine and this is all in your head you begin to believe that this must be due to getting older or some other reason they have told you to believe.

#3 – Yes, Hashimoto’s IS real!

Many primary care providers in endocrinologists alike will tell you Hashimoto’s is no big deal. You’ll just take some medication and be fine. But there is a nagging feeling in the center of your gut telling you that they are wrong! Listen to your inside you know the truth!

#4 – Yes, there is something happening in your body to make you feel wonky and out of sorts.

Hashimoto’s is an attack on your thyroid. The immune system thinks your thyroid is now a toxin and is trying to destroy this foreign intruder. With the attack comes symptoms all over your body. Your entire body feels the effects of this attack.

#5 – Yes, you can have symptoms even if you are on thyroid medication and your doctor tells you your levels are normal.

Hashimoto’s is the dysfunction of the immune system that affects the thyroid. The immune system literally destroy thyroid cells. if the immune system is not helped back to normal function no amount of thyroid medication is going to make you feel good.

#6 – Yes your antibody count is important.

The immune system attacks the thyroid because it sees it as a threat. I liken the thyroid antibodies to little soldiers sent to battle. If the antibody levels are high then there is war with the thyroid being under attack. Until the antibodies can be dismissed, there can be no truce.

#7 – No, it is not just lack of willpower causing you to gain weight.

There can be many reason for weight gain (Or the inability to lose weight)  in Hashimoto’s. Food sensitivities, insulin / cortisol interaction, leaky gut and hormone imbalance can All play a role. But if your body is low on thyroid hormones or your thyroid is not working well, weight loss will be very difficult.

#8 –  Yes, what foods you eat are important with Hashimoto’s!

Many foods activate an immune response and cause inflammation throughout the body. These foods are also responsible for much of what  causes leaky gut leading to further immune system attacks. The removal of foods such as gluten, sugar and dairy is non-negotiable and a woman with Hashimoto’s. It is also just as important that you get foods that will nourish your body as the levels of many nutrients are low with Hashimoto’s. The food you eat is critical to getting better!

#9 –  Yes, there ARE answers on how to live with Hashimoto’s and kick it into remission!

The effects of Hashimoto’s are multifaceted. Many, many, many things affect the immune system attack on your thyroid. Fixing the gut and supporting the adrenals are two major steps. Building vitamin and mineral levels to optimal, reducing stress and inner connection are also  crucial. Do not let ANYONE tell you that this is just a thyroid problem!

#10 –  No! Your life is NOT over!

Did not give up! There is life with and after Hashimoto’s! Attitude is so important here! A willingness to change is a must, but you can beat Hashimoto’s and live to tell about it!

Even with Hashimoto’s, you do have the power to feel better and to live a wonderful, vibrant life. Know that you are not alone and you CAN get better!

With Love,

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