Why Did Hashimoto’s Happen To Me?

I know this is the question you are dying to have answered. After hearing the diagnosis of Hashimoto’s, learning a little bit of what this means, and hearing the symptoms, it is natural to want to know how you got here.

I wish I could give you a simple answer. What I can do is explain Hashimoto’s a little differently.

Here’s the thing. Everyone has a different thing that pulls the trigger starts the attack on the thyroid

Hashimoto’s is an autoimmune disease. What exactly does that mean for you and your body? Through a series of events, your immune system has become dysfunctional. It now  mistakes your thyroid as a foreign threat to your body and starts to attack it.

The thyroid affects every system in your body. As it cells are being destroyed, you feel symptoms all over!

So why and how does this happen? Why would your immune system attack you?

My favorite illustration to explain how Hashimoto’s has become part of your life is a milk stool.

Huh? A milk stool? Hang with me here for a moment. Let me explain.

A milk stool has three legs. Each leg represents one of the three things that lead you into any autoimmune disease.

The first leg is a link to your family. Someone in your family has or is battling this too. Please understand that  genetics are not everything! Just because you have someone in your family with Hashimoto’s doesn’t mean that is the reason you not have it. It is one piece of the puzzle.

The family member may not have Hashimoto’s either but may have another autoimmune disease like Celiac, pernicious anemia,  rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, or any other ailment.

Let’s move on to the next leg…

The second leg represents your environment. This is a broad term with lots of meanings. Environment could include any or all of these: chemicals in the air, water or food, chemicals you put on your body (shampoo,lotions,makeup etc), your relationships, your job situation, and finally the environment in your gut.

Any of these things being out of whack can be harmful to you and become a part of your path to Hashimoto’s.

Each of us has a different environmental picture. Each of us also has different abilities to cope and work with environmental stressors.

And then there is the last leg…

The final leg is what pulled the trigger on your Smoking Gun forcing your immune system to attack.

This is where it gets kind of hard. Your  triggers need to be identified. it is what we call your individual root cause. It is where we become detectives and finding what happened.

Possible final straws that I have seen include: Stress, vitamin or mineral deficiencies (Especially B-12,  vitamin D, iron, ferritin, zinc and magnesium), Leaky Gut, past trauma and food sensitivities just to name a few.

The first step and working through Hashimoto’s is finding your root cause…that third leg. I know this sounds so scary, but it CAN be done!

You ARE strong enough and together we can start this journey back to feeling good!

Much Love,

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