The Power Of The Small Stuff

Today I heard in my meditation, “Don’t underestimate the power of the small stuff.” This is different than what I usually think. I thought we weren’t supposed to sweat the small stuff –  something I’ve been trying very hard to do. Here I am hearing just the opposite.

The more I thought about it, though, I realized how true and powerful this statement really is. I saw pictures of my kids bringing me the dandelions they picked out of the yard. This was a seemingly little thing at the time but it now brings a smile to my face and joy to my heart.  It’s amazing how fast I can go back to those moments.

My life has been filled with small stuff…good and bad? Yes. Both the good and the bad have impacted my life and shaped who I am today.

Now in my meditation I was being shown how I can get so busy that I forget about the small stuff… little choices that over time made big effects. The message I was getting was to see how much good can come out of seemingly small things.

I was being handed a gift, wrapped up with a pretty red bow. All I had to do was open it. The gift was the ability to see how little changes I make daily will open all sorts of avenues for me. I was being shown how even though I would much prefer to have Michael, the Archangel, come down with a big announcement than to get small glimpses of the bigger picture, that the glimpses are often more powerful than any big sign. I saw in those few moments how all of the 5-10 minute blocks of time actually shaped me as much, if not more, than the big events.

“The message I was getting was to see how much good can come out of seemingly small things.”

It’s funny that my typical response to looking at the small spots is that I would see this statement as a command to plan and pack as much as I can into every minute with something “to do”. But that isn’t the vision I’m receiving at all. My instruction, if you will, is to relax more, to have fun, to find things to smile at and things that take my breath away.

This is soooo NOT me. I’m more the Advance! Advance! Advance! type, the proverbial Type A’s personality. So learning to stop and notice what is happening is going to be unbelievable (note that this word can be used as good or bad LOL)!

So tonight I made a point of feeling the air when I walked my dog, Bridgette. I looked around and saw the trees and the flowers. I watched Bridgette as she danced around happy to be on her walk. I felt a part of her excitement. I took this picture of a solitary red leaf in the sea of green. “I can be like you” I said to that red leaf.  I am unique; a woman with her own path to travel and to live.

I started to understand again how important the small stuff is to my well being. I am given but one life. I have been gifted with a purpose-and it only takes a few small choices to get me off track.

What I could feel during meditation, the joy and laughter, makes me up for my 30 day challenge Tonight I am making the choice to see the power in The small stuff, I can see now that it will be the cumulation of the small things every day that decides my life. If I want to design and live a life I love, then these little things will be the fuel that powers my life’s engine.

With Love,

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