A Season of Celebration

Every year at this time I feel like I come alive. I feel like it is time for making goals, evaluating where I am and what I have done over the last months. I feel like coming to the end of October is a celebration… a time to dream, not a time to feel like things are over.

It was just recently that I found out that this is the time that the ancient Celtics thought of as the new year. It was the end of harvest season and the Earth would rest to get ready for another year of growing. This was a time that the people celebrated the Earth and what it gave them.

Learning this made me stop and think. How often in this time of holiday craziness do I stop and reconnect to the beauty outside? When I eat, do I stop and think about the gifts given by the Earth? Do I even pay attention to what is going on around me when I walk to my car?

“When is the time of year you most feel alive?”

But learning about others who look to November 1 as The New year also brings up something else besides this time of gratitude for me. It makes me realize that we each have our own internal calendar… a guide that should be heard and followed. We get so hung up on the time that those around us keep that we forget to listen to our own body and mind… And heart for that matter.

So what if everyone else says that the new year starts in January and that my goals / resolutions should be set then? Isn’t it more likely That I will do them if I am listening to my body’s own rhythm? When I follow my heart and I take time to listen to what my inner self is nudging me to do, I see much better results.

I encourage you to stop and think (I say that a lot, don’t I?). When is the time of year you most feel alive? Every day is a gift, but we each naturally have a season that “calls” us. What is yours? Pay close attention when that time arrives and listen for what it is you are hearing within.

“This day, every day, is a chance to celebrate life no matter what the circumstances.”

Today is a celebration for me. I am purposefully grounding myself and noticing the gifts I have been given by this planet we call home. I have an earthy oil blend going in my diffuser and eyeing my weaving loom and new wool that I can’t wait to wash, dye, spin and weave…another connection to Earth’s gifts for me. I am sitting here looking at the amazing things that have happened and working to connect to my vision again. I am celebrating the next season of my life that as a gift that I am to unwrap and cherish.

This day, every day, is a chance to celebrate life no matter what the circumstances. There is always something to be grateful for. Today I choose to be grateful for the Earth and for my time here. This is *my* new year!

Happy November!

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