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Commitment To Self Blend

As I make my way through the crossroads, I want to start with an oil blend to keep me focused and committed. When I looked up oils for commitment, I found these that are commitment to one’s authentic self and purpose. What better blend could there be?!

Coriander, the Oil of Integrity. When one feels controlled by those around them or is continuously trying to fit in, then a betrayal to True Self is present. Coriander helps us know that we are unique and valuable just the way we were wonderfully made. It helps remind us to be true and live in authenticity.

Kumquat, the Oil of Authentic Presence. So often we try to find happiness by pushing down our true feelings. This can come from a place of believing that we are unlovable and unwanted. The hard part is that because we want to appear happy, we will repress the inner feelings and show the world a face that is not true. Kumquat helps us to understand that real happiness is in the acceptance of our whole self with all of its faults and wonders!

Ginger, the Oil of Empowerment. Part of what put me on this detour was feeling that so many things that were happening were out of my control. This led to not wanting to take responsibility for my part in what was going on. I put Ginger in this blend because it reminds me that I cannot wait for things outside of me to change before I start moving forward. It helps me be committed in living my purpose.

Frankincense, the Oil of Truth. How could I move forward without Frankincense in my arsenal? The oil that helps me remember to live in truth means to be protected and open to what is in store for me spiritually. Frankincense is the oil of connection to the Divine here on my earthly path. This oil will help light the path as I clear the darkness from my walk and experience the light of Truth.

Commitment To Self Blend

4 drops Coriander
4 drops Kumquat
2 drops Ginger
2 drops Frankincense

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