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Acceptance and Authenticity Blend

Acceptance and Authenticity

Two words so incredibly intertwined. You cannot be authentic and true to yourself if you don’t accept where you are right now.

With that in mind, I created a blend in my diffuser today that is meant for this purpose.

Spikenard has a woody, musky scent that helps ground you. It’s emotional properties are to help us be grateful by having complete acceptance. Acceptance of who we are and WHERE we are at this given moment. Having this acceptance of ourselves will help bring mind and body into harmony.

Juniper Berry is an oil that encourages us to face our fears in this journey to acceptance. It teaches that we do not need to fear those dark places inside but to acknowledge them and accept them so that we can move forward.

Black Pepper helps us dig deep to root up feelings that have been pressed down. It helps remind us that we can overcome those things that have kept us stuck and release them.

Wild Orange is not only the oil of abundance, but it is also the oil of creativity. How is that appropriate in acceptance? Wild Orange can help release solutions to problems that we are facing. Wild Orange helps us connect to our creative self that can figure out so many more things than our conscious mind can.

Acceptance & Authenticity Blend

4 drops Spikenard
1-2 drops Juniper Berry
1 drop Black Pepper
2 drops Wild Orange

Try this blend today and make note of how you feel while breathing in this deep aroma!

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