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Let It Go Essential Oil Blend


Part of healing is letting go, not letting your illness define you and not allowing it to take your connection with your inner, authentic self.

One of the ways I have found to do this is by using essential oils aromatically. Putting oils in a diffuser takes just a few seconds, but for hours you have an exposure to a healing tool without even having to think about it!

Essential oils work in miraculous ways throughout the body!   They are not voodoo or a fad.  Healing oils, in some form have been used medicinally for most of human history.  Their effectiveness has been proven in multitudes of recent research studies performed all over the world.  The physiologic improvements are real, both mental and physical health!  How amazing is that we can have a natural solution to so many modern health issues!

Emotional support and healing can come with the use of essential oils.  The tiny chemical molecules of the oils pass through the olfactory system into the limbic system in our brain where emotions are managed.  The oils can help calm our emotions, rewire our thinking and regulate stress and anxiety.  They are a fantastic tool for helping our emotional body to heal itself.

I wanted to share with you today a blend that I find very effective and powerful for healing and cleansing.

Let It Go Blend:

3 drops Lemongrass
2 drops Cypress
2 drops Peppermint

Lemongrass is the oil of cleansing. It helps us let go of toxic energy and negativity. It helps release limiting beliefs. It allows us to move past old trauma and to gain clarity to move forward.

Cypress is the oil of motion. Ever feel stuck? Cypress will help you let go of worry and the need for control, and help you have trust in the flow of life. It will help with getting unstuck and moving forward.

Peppermint is the oil of a buoyant heart. It is a very invigorating oil to both mind and body. It is an encouraging oil that helps us rediscover the joy of life and being alive!

Try this blend today! It is absolutely amazing and starts working in a matter of minutes. If you want to know more about essential oils and how they can help your body (and mind!) heal, be sure to join me on Facebook by clicking HERE.

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