Slowing Down


This time of year seems to be so full of activity and craziness. I feel like I’ve been running on hyper-drive for weeks… probably because I have. Adding to the busyness of the season is the stress of life itself: bills, work, family, schedules and I’m left feeling drained and like I’ve been run over by a MAC truck.

Last night I realized that I hadn’t taken time to breathe, journal, read, craft or anything that helps me cope. I don’t know about you but I can go into meltdown status pretty quickly.

When I get in this crazy mode of not taking time for me, I stop looking at the simple pleasures. Like, how unbelievably fantastic my hot cup of coffee tastes in the morning (ok, ok it’s more cashew and coconut milk than coffee), sitting in my special chair sipping my tasty, hot beverage can make my world feel right. Or how much quiet time for myself recharges me.

And I can’t forget creativity. I love to make things. I love to spin yarn, sew, knit, weave…

Art realigns my world. It helps me see things in a new light. I often solve the world’s problems (OK my own) while I am crafting… even though I often forget the solutions an hour later Lol

And my beautiful oils. Yesterday I was pretty rattled by doc appointments (man, I hate being a patient!), running around getting supplies for a booth I’m doing and getting things together for a class I’m teaching. I’m making roller bottles and room sprays for this booth. Ten minutes into having the oils open and blending them in some of my favorite recipes, I was smiling and feeling so much more calm

Taking Time For Myself

I’m seeing more and more how I need to slow down… Soak it all in…Spend some time enjoying not being in my “to do” mode all the time. I don’t know about you but sometimes I wear the being overworked and continually busy like a badge of honor. I really think that comes from society’s view that we are productive and successful when we work our a**es off.

I in here to say bull-honkey! I don’t want to live a life that doesn’t let me stop and pet my dog, is to busy to find time to walk the beach with Keith after moving to California so I we could see it every day, or to send notes to my kids to keep up with their lives.

I’m here standing up in super hero stance saying “I’m over this BS! I am great when I am taking time for myself!!!”

I am going to slow down once in awhile.

I am going to pick up my knitting needles!

I am going to sniff my oils!

Instead of saying ”Ain’t nobody got time for that!” I’m screaming * I * DO have time for that
which helps me take my crazy hat off if only for a lithe while every day. I know my husband will appreciate having a semi- normal wife who doesn’t have the crazed, look in her eye while
spinning around in circles like she’s possessed!

And I’ll appreciate the feelings of calm and peace in my chest if only for a few moments.
Because I’m finding out that those few moments make me feel belter all day.

Care to join me?

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