Life Is Good

Life is good.  I’m realizing that more and more each day that I take the time to see it.  

I’m a very busy woman – ask anyone that knows me, I rarely slow down.  For the most part I like it that way.  Between practicing in the clinic, my essential oil business and working on my PhD program (yes I needed a second doctorate lol), my poor husband waves at me as I go.  Well, ok, it isn’t quite that bad – I do make time for him most evenings, although often I have knitting in my hand – I don’t sit still well.  

But, with my increased meditation and journaling times, I am realizing how good life really is.  Life isn’t perfect…finances are tight, I still battle effects of autoimmune flares, my housekeeping skills still need help and so many other things could use improvement.  Yet Life is Good!  

I’m doing research for a paper on fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis since there isn’t any that I can find on Hashimoto’s and something jumps out at me in many of the studies, I’m reading.  When we have a positive outlook on life and on any things we might be suffering, our health is better.  

I know this is true for me.  When I look at the things that are right and that I do have instead of the ones I don’t have, I feel better, I think more clearly and I am much happier! And in turn those around me are happier too – I see how often my mood affects those around me too.  Looking back at when the kids were still home, I can see how their moods changed with mine. It really is amazing how much what I feel filters to those I love.  I wish I had realized that when they were young.

This is one of my reasons for using essential oils.  These little drops of oil have made a world of difference in my daily moods and emotions.  When I’m really scattered, a few drops of basil, rosemary and peppermint in the diffuser help my brain focus so I can get things done.  If I’m feeling really worked up and almost anxious, a few drops of lemongrass, arborvitae (or any tree really) and spearmint calm my nerves so I can listen to those who need me.  If I feel an underlying anger, Cypress and Citrus come to the rescue.  The list goes on and on!  

AND what we know from medical literature is that when we can calm these emotions down our hormones work better, our immune system is under less stress, and our nervous system functions well.  So any tools I can use to keep things calm in this busy, beautiful life I have is important to me.  

I am asked so often why I use essential oils instead of a lot of medications and this is just one of those reasons.  If I can calm myself down, I am able to move forward in my vision of helping as many women as possible improve their health.  I not only owe it to myself and my husband to use these oils, I owe it to all the women who I can serve in teaching the how little things can change their lives!

So, I use the oils to help me remember that my life is full – that I have LOTS to be thankful for and that my needs are being met right now in the way they are supposed to be.  Life is Good!!

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