Essential Oils

I like to share my insights on essential oils on how they can improve your health by posting blends and how each oil effects your body. They have done WONDERS for me and they can for you too!

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    Gratitude & Abundance

    Spikenard – Oil of Gratitude 🌱 True appreciation for life 🌱 Stop seeing myself as a victim of bad luck & abuse 🌱 Let go of blame, anger & pain 🌱 See my abundance Wild Orange – Oil of Abundance 🧡 Let go of scarcity mindset 🧡 See all that I have 🧡 Connect to inner child (playful and happy) 🧡 Brings in spontaneity 🧡 Realize the limitless resources I have 🧡 Positive mood & mindset Ginger – Oil of Empowerment 🌷 Be fully present 🌷 Stop feeling powerless 🌷 Realize I have the choice to be me 🌷 Clears out negative emotions 🌷 Empower me with purpose Clove –…

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    Let It Go Essential Oil Blend

      Part of healing is letting go, not letting your illness define you and not allowing it to take your connection with your inner, authentic self. One of the ways I have found to do this is by using essential oils aromatically. Putting oils in a diffuser takes just a few seconds, but for hours you have an exposure to a healing tool without even having to think about it! Essential oils work in miraculous ways throughout the body!   They are not voodoo or a fad.  Healing oils, in some form have been used medicinally for most of human history.  Their effectiveness has been proven in multitudes of recent research…

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    Acceptance and Authenticity Blend

    Acceptance and Authenticity Two words so incredibly intertwined. You cannot be authentic and true to yourself if you don’t accept where you are right now. With that in mind, I created a blend in my diffuser today that is meant for this purpose. Spikenard has a woody, musky scent that helps ground you. It’s emotional properties are to help us be grateful by having complete acceptance. Acceptance of who we are and WHERE we are at this given moment. Having this acceptance of ourselves will help bring mind and body into harmony. Juniper Berry is an oil that encourages us to face our fears in this journey to acceptance. It…

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    Commitment To Self Blend

    As I make my way through the crossroads, I want to start with an oil blend to keep me focused and committed. When I looked up oils for commitment, I found these that are commitment to one’s authentic self and purpose. What better blend could there be?! Coriander, the Oil of Integrity. When one feels controlled by those around them or is continuously trying to fit in, then a betrayal to True Self is present. Coriander helps us know that we are unique and valuable just the way we were wonderfully made. It helps remind us to be true and live in authenticity. Kumquat, the Oil of Authentic Presence. So…

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    Empowerment Through Boundaries

    As we talk about Boundaries and how they can help our Hashimoto symptoms, I want to give you a recipe I have been using in the diffuser the last couple of days. It smells like a fall day, but also gives me the ability to set boundaries that I need to have right now. Boundaries Empower Us! Clove is the oil of boundaries. It helps us let go of bad patterns of giving in and not saying no and helps us stay true to ourselves! Ginger is the oil of Empowerment. It helps us feel that we are capable of saying no and living in purpose…intentionally. Grapefruit is the oil…