There is something I MUST share with you.  It feels like I’ll burst if I don’t.

But First, I’ve GOT to ask you…

  • Do you feel like you aren’t living the life you were meant to live?
  • Do you spend time and energy thinking things just don’t feel “right”?
  • Are you aware, deep in your bones, that you were meant for more?
  • Are you tired of trying to live by everyone else’s rules?
  • Do you feel unsettled, like you’re lost?
  • Do you experience long bouts of fatigue and/or mental drain?

OMG…this WAS my life too!!!

I was under the weight of a life that…

…was filled with trying to take care of everyone else

…felt like I was responsible for the happiness and health of others

…seemed like a prison of stuckness, and

…I knew wasn’t my own.

This was no way to live and I knew it!

You see, I’ve known all my life that I was meant to do great things. 

I knew that I had a unique and glorious path.

I understood that my heart knew the way…


my head took a different route.

It listened to what others believed about me

It believed what others thought I should be doing

It told me that I needed to conform.


That is, until I couldn’t do it anymore!

My physical body had taken the abuse of me living someone else’s life

and it buckled under that pressure.

I got sick…

full of fatigue and pain.


My life HAD to change!

I could no longer afford to wait!

My body needed me to listen!

And you know what?


I Did!

I aligned with my heart and began to live the life that I was meant for!

And guess what?

YOU can do this too.

You ARE made for more!

You are so much STRONGER than you realize!

And this is what I just HAVE to share with you!


I created Living From Your Heart

Just for YOU!

I want to show you that:

  • Your heart KNOWS what is best for you
  • Your heart is TRUE
  • The desires you have deep inside were MEANT for you!
  • You DON’T have to live by anyone else’s rules!
  • Your voice MATTERS!

And as you start to see that, I want to share with you how to find your way like I did.

Picture of Dr. Sarah Erny standing next to fence

Hi! I’m Sarah Anne Erny

I’m a nurse practitioner
who is successful
at helping women find their way to healing.

But it had to first start with me.

I learned to change my beliefs,
my expectations,
my energy field.

I am now a woman
who believes that health and
wholeness only come when you
live from your heart!!

I believe
Your body can heal itself
If given the right tools,
You hold incredible power,
living your spirituality is critical,
nourishment is key,
speaking your truth is non-negotiable
and that you are made for a vibrant, fulfilled life!

My mission is to help you find the way to
Live from the Heart…
…to show you how your heart knows
the steps for
your journey towards
health and wholeness,
and your best life.

Living from Your Heart is incredibly powerful.

It leads to healing!

It is what you are meant to do!!



Living from Your Heart

A six week pilgrimage into connecting with your truest self,
listening (and REALLY hearing) your heart, and
living your authentic life.

This is not like any wellness program you’ve seen…
This is a soulful journey back to wholeness.

You will experience a blend of practical steps and sacred connection.

This course gives you permission to become who you really are,
who you were meant to be from the moment you were conceived!

You will sense the power of being part of something bigger.

Isn’t it time to march to the beat of your own drum?

Don’t you want to dance in YOUR heart’s song?

Doesn’t it excite you to experience the emotional labor of creating and realizing your dreams?

Won’t it be magnificent to be free of the pain from living a life of misalignment?

It’s time to be free.

Because you can.

Because it’s your right.

Because you, my Sister, are Divine.

And I’m here to lead the way for you.


Here's What's Included:

  • 6 Weeks of Guidance and Support

My team and I will be here for you during the course in our exclusive Facebook group.  Each live session will be recorded and you will have access to go back to watch them however often you need to. We will answer questions in the group and drop journal prompts here as well.

  • 6 Live Sessions for Connection and Guidance

Each week, I will be live with you to talk about each week’s topic and share with you what I feel led to say.  You will have time for Q&A during these times too!

  • 25 Days of Immersion into Your Inner Self

During the program, I will share actual questions for you to reflect on and journal about to help see what your inner self is trying to show you.  These are powerful questions that help you dive deep inside in a way that will change your life!

  • BONUS – Meditation Series

A four part guided meditation series to help you connect to your inner self and open you to what it has to share with you.

  • BONUS – Essential Oil Guide to Inner Work

Essential oils are an amazing way to open your mind and your heart for inner healing.  This guide will show you the essential oils I use, how I use them and what each one helps create.


“What I’m ready to show you,
Could very well change your life


What Happens Each Week

  • Week 1: Who Are You, Really?

Our first deep dive into who you are, what you want, and what you need…and how to find out!

  • Week 2: Your Intuition and How It Can Be Your Greatest Ally!

We all have an intuition that was given to us to use.  The thing is that so many of us don’t listen to it even when it’s screaming at us.  This week will help you connect to your intuition…hear it, feel it, experience it and learn to use it!

  • Week 3: Misaligned?  Who, ME?

Research now shows that when we aren’t living our lives in alignment with what we know we are supposed to do or who we are, our physical bodies suffer greatly (not to mention our mental, spiritual and emotional bodies).  We will be looking at what happens when we start to realign with who we are and experience the feelings of connection.

  • Week 4: Don’t You Understand I Have to Be Perfect?

Uhh, no, you don’t.  That’s a lie that has been forced upon us women.  This week we’ll talk about how you are perfect the way you are and what to do with that abusive little bully in our own head!

  • Week 5: YES, You CAN say NO!

The importance of boundaries is crucial for our authenticity.  We cannot be everything to everyone and still be true to ourselves.  In this week’s talk, I’ll be sharing how boundaries can become porous and what we need to do to plug the holes!

  • Week 6: The Amazing YOU!

Living from your heart is the easiest thing to do – if you allow it to be.  We will spend this last hour talking about how to live your most authentic life, love yourself unconditionally, and stay on the path to healing your relationship with yourself!


Living From the Heart

Only you can answer this, but I do know that if you are feeling called, if your heart is whispering to you to do it or you are draw to this course, follow that inner voice. From personal experience I can tell you that your heart knows what is right…trust it!

I’m so excited about offering this program to you. I believe completely in what is being taught and shared. What I will tell you is that how much you get out of this course depends greatly on the effort and time you put into doing the homework, how much you show up to dig deep and how open you are to what I’m sharing with you.
DISCLAIMER: I do not guarantee specific results for this program.

This course is designed for YOU, I really don’t believe that you will want a refund, but I understand the feeling of safety when you know you have the option to get a refund. So, here’s my policy: You will receive access to the course on November 1st. Look through the course when it’s available. Go through the first week and do the homework. If it isn’t right for you, send me an email with your homework as an attachment to the email by November 8th and I’ll process a refund for you.

Yes! I want to make this available to you and make it as easy as possible so you can get incredible results! Payment options are at the bottom of this page.

Each week’s session will be recorded so that you can go back and listen any time you want! You can ask questions related to the content in our exclusive Facebook group while the course is open. After the course is over, you will access to all of the course contents through the course webpage.

An amazing experience in finding, returning and connecting with your inner self – the person you really are! When you join me for the live sessions and do the homework, you can expect BIG changes in your life. You will also have a group of new friends/sisters who are going through the journey too. You can expect movement forward. You will get practical steps that will lead to amazing results! Remaining open and expectant during the course gives you even more chances to receive! <3

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