What Happens Each Week?

Week 1: Who Are You, Really?
Our first deep dive into who you are, what you want, and what you need…and how to find out!

Week 2: Your Intuition and How It Can Be Your Greatest Ally!
We all have an intuition that was given to us to use. The thing is that so many of us don’t listen to it even when it’s screaming at us. This week will help you connect to your intuition…hear it, feel it, experience it and learn to use it!

Week 3: Misaligned? Who, ME?
Research now shows that when we aren’t living our lives in alignment with what we know we are supposed to do or who we are, our physical bodies suffer greatly (not to mention our mental, spiritual and emotional bodies). We will be looking at what happens when we start to realign with who we are and experience the feelings of connection.

Week 4: Don’t You Understand I Have to Be Perfect?
Uhh, no, you don’t. That’s a lie that has been forced upon us women. This week we’ll talk about how you are perfect the way you are and what to do with that abusive little bully in our own head!

Week 5: YES, You CAN say NO!
The importance of boundaries is crucial for our authenticity. We cannot be everything to everyone and still be true to ourselves. In this week’s talk, I’ll be sharing how boundaries can become porous and what we need to do to plug the holes!

Week 6: The Amazing YOU!
Living from your heart is the easiest thing to do – if you allow it to be. We will spend this last hour talking about how to live your most authentic life, love yourself unconditionally, and stay on the path to healing your relationship with yourself!

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